You too can sell canned air!


Capitalize on human suffering like a boss!

According to a CNN article, Leo De Watts sells a bottle of air for $115 a pop to China because the air quality is so bad, they need 20oz bottles to keep them alive!

There are so many f*d up things about this that it is hard to pick one to write about but kudos to Leo for making it happen!

Now if you want to get in on the air selling craze, Jrpacking has the hook-up for you. They have a step by step guide on how to get started selling canned air and make your own millions off of human suffering.



They even offer up this piece of advice:

Fresh air for migraine sufferers everywhere-Hooray? As a sufferer myself, fresh air can help but like anything else, Your mileage may vary. 

I gotta be honest here, all I can think of is “SPACEBALLS”. I don’t know about you, but the idea of popping open a can of air is not something I find appealing.  Here’s to hoping that something is done soon to provide better air quality.  


Are you an air seller? Trying this side hustle? Drop a comment, I just have to know how it goes.


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