Professional Cuddle Therapist

I really hope everyone showers beforehand. 

I saw this online a couple of years back and immediately thought this was a cover for some high-end escort service, but apparently “cuddle therapy” has made some traction over the course of the past few years.  A quick google search reveals quite a few companies hiring professional cuddlers all around the country. Business Insider UK even put out this nifty video adding credibility to this new hustle, have a look:


Just how much can you make as a Professional Cuddler? According to Job Monkey,$40-$80 per hour. While that is a wide range, it is certainly not terrible money for a part-time side hustle.  You can even get certified and become a member and be listed on

Valentine’s day is over but there are a lot of lonely people in the world who could use some love. Why not start a business as a cuddle therapist? It would cost about 200 smackeroos to get certified and listed, so three hours of “work”. Just don’t forget about all the overhead of running a small business that can set you back if you get a little crazy. However, if you can make it work on a shoestring budget, you can rake in some serious cash here.


Do you cuddle for a hustle? Let us know in the comment section how it’s working out for you!

*PS Shout-out to my husband, don’t get any ideas dear…








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