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Marry people for fifty bucks and a case of beer!

People get engaged and married every day and with cupid starting his rounds how about a quick cash side hustle to match? Got an extra $40? You too can become a Priest of the Dude and officiate wedding ceremonies.

Dudeism, not your jam? How about preaching the gospel of the Jedi Knight? Still a no? Want something more religious/spiritual? Do a Google search, you will not believe how many different places offer this.

The wedding industry provides high-ticket clients that many different side hustlers can benefit from. Seamstresses, Tailors, Planners, Caterers, DJs, Photographers and the list goes on and on. If you are really skilled you can offer the full gambit. Be the wedding planner and the officiant!


Another really interesting thing that has been taking the industry by storm is a “Pop Up Wedding”. Essentially the bride and groom pick a spot, anywhere (including sidewalks) get a permit, invite a small group of closest friends and family, and the officiant. They then go take pics around town, have dinner and drinks at a local place restaurant and call it a day.

If this is your idea of a great side hustle check out Offbeatbride, there is a ton of information there to help you get acclimated to the industry as a whole.  Also, check out a fellow blogger and some very traditional information on how to plan the perfect wedding.

My advice is whether you choose to offer your services as an officiant or the whole shebang, make sure you network with other people in the industry to partner up with. It is much easier to get your name out if they already know you!

As always, if you try this out tell us how it goes in the comments!


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