Inflatable Parties

Screaming Kids and Annoying Parents Anyone? 

Who doesn’t love parties over the summer? The smell of BBQ and the sounds of laughing children fill the air as we enjoy the warm sunshine on our faces. This side hustle could have you partying it up every weekend, and making an income to boot.

The downside is that it’s not gonna be a cheap venture by any means. You will need anywhere from 2k-20k to purchase the inflatables depending on how big you want to start off. You will also need insurance and all of the other lovely expenses that come with owning a business.

On the other hand Bounce Houses Now gives us a good breakdown of the earning potential, with one inflatable after expenses you are looking at about $3,000 per year if you rent it out 78 times charging $75 per block of time. Not bad considering you are only working one day a week by their average. Magic Jump breaks it down to about $135 a week if you are charging $90 for each rental.

If you’re still reading this then you should be aware that like any business it’s not always peaches n cream. New business owners always have some pitfalls and make mistakes during the first few years. Fun times Party Rentals gives new business owners some tips and what you should avoid should you decide to move forward. Also, be sure to research all of your options and write up a solid business plan. Without it, you will just be jumping in circles.

Finally, this guy on Youtube gives some solid advice.

Do you own an inflatable business or trying out this Side Hustle? Tell us about it!


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