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I want to preface this post by saying it is not my intention to reinvent the wheel. Nor steal content from other bloggers/writers. There is a ton of information via a quick Google search on becoming a ghost hunter. I do want to write about it, as it is a fascinating topic and I chose to write about it before the spooky season begins to give you time to decide if it is right for you and research options. banner

Ghost busting?

From my very limited knowledge of the field, it seems to be an expensive hobby more than a “hustle” but you can turn it into a paying gig either investigating or using any of the online media outlets. Think of a Youtube series, Blog, Podcast, etc.

In this article, Ryan Dube gives an introduction with book recommendations and business information. Karen Frazier follows up with a complete how-to on becoming a paranormal investigator. It definitely falls into the TLDR category for me. If you are really into the idea, it is a step by step introduction into the world of ghost hunting.

As you continue on your search you will see a lot of ads for certificate programs and education in the paranormal. Be sure to research these thoroughly. Do not get scammed by fly by night course creators who are selling you an expensive, useless piece of paper. Kenneth Biddle wrote a column about these diploma mills. I suggest reaching out to him if you are questioning a program. At the very least read through his information!

The Rhine Center offers certification and is affiliated with Duke University, although they do say the program is not accredited, as always buyer beware.

If you a paranormal investigator or are starting on the journey let us know in the comments!




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