Food Hustles-Let’s Eat!

When most of us think about slinging food as a side hustle, we think about catering. Catering is a great hustle, but it can get costly and it is a lot of work and you will almost certainly need a staff to delegate to. The Balance Small Business has a great step-by-step article if this is something you want to dig into. Just send me some food! (kidding, sort of)

If you aren’t into the idea of a full-blown catering business, but still want to tap into a niche that will never fall to the wayside (everyone needs to eat) here are some cool ideas I found floating around the internet. My bet is though if you can cook it, you can sell it. Just make sure you are following all of your local laws, the last thing you need is your side hustle being shut down by officials!

Dog Treats

I have a friend who travels the country, he and his wife created a small business selling dog and cat treats. You can check out their Facebook Page Freya’s Farms, be sure to toss them a like- Create good karma!


Ever thought about opening a chocolate business? Now is the time! Chocolate University is holding online courses. Stay at home in your old jammies and learn to make some of the best desserts in the world-then sell it for mad a$$ profits!

Italian Ice Cart

I have to admit I never heard of this before, I have seen these types of things out and about but I always associated it with some big corporation hiring people to stand outside and make slushies. Kudos to anyone who does this as not only is it hot, but people are annoying :p

Having said that, I am sure this makes some decent profit, and it doesn’t seem to cost a million dollars to start. My guess would be you’re looking at under 5k as you don’t need to focus on marketing as much as someone who works online since you will be front and center for walking traffic. Of course, if you have a brilliant mind or someone who can help you in the marketing arena you will be able to book functions and make a profit much quicker. You can even expand and bring on employees to do the standing in the hot sun for you!

Beer Making

This is HOT HOT HOT right now, everyone and their brother is getting into making their own beer. Fortunately for you, not everyone will perfect their home brewery and you can make a nice income making beer. Beernomics says you can save 6 bucks on a six-pack by brewing your own and it’s a relatively cheap start-up and easy to tap into…Bada da dum 😛

Popcorn! Get Your Popcorn!

Beer and Popcorn, now we’re talking! Did you know that you can have your own popcorn business? You can have a stand and sell it out and about or even set up booths at farmers’ markets. Another crazy idea is to offer it as catering. Everyone loves popcorn, you can probably make a killing by selling popcorn to brides to be for their wedding buffets, kids parties, and local events. The sky is the limit!

Baked Goods

This is a really cool hustle for people who love to bake, run a small bakery straight out of your kitchen! This hustle has low start-up costs and as a one-human show, you don’t have to worry about large advertising budgets.

Meal Prep

Here is another super fun hustle idea. Prep meals for local businesses and offer delivery or pick up. Just make and freeze the food in portions so employees can microwave them for lunch. You could offer fresh salad options too. If you are really ambitious you can do lunch catering to local businesses or schools that don’t have lunch provided. If you love to cook, but can’t stand the idea of catering weddings or big events, this could be an amazing business!

Stay tuned for more wacky adventures and ideas, and let us know in the comments if you tried any of these!




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