What the Heck is Rank & Rent?

I came across this gem of a side hustle scrolling through Facebook one afternoon. This was a new one for me so I watched all of the videos on rank & rent that were attached and started researching everything on the company. The problem was they had no brand name in the ad or anywhere for that matter.

I got really suspicious and I started digging, eventually, I found the name “Job-Killing” and or “Job Killers” but they had changed it due to internal problems-at least that was my impression by the blog posts. I had to dig even further to get an inkling of an idea of how much they were charging for this “coaching”. What I found was around the tune of $6,000. Hell to the NO! So that was a serious bust.

However, my search led me to some other places so I had to keep investigating. I wanted to know what they were doing and figure out how they are doing it. I couldn’t let go of that one, that’s a hell of a lot of money to fork over for some “program” that I wasn’t even sure was legal or not a scam yet!

Next, I found “Rank Daddy

I found this guy on YouTube talking about why he left Job Killing and moved on to start a digital agency. Kudos for that Rank Daddy dude. You can watch that video here. I skipped on over to his website and I was still not convinced. First and foremost, anyone that names themselves “daddy” just kinda gives me the creeps. No offense if you read this sir, just not my jam. Second, his website gives a price tag of $199 a month. That’s just about $2400 per year and from what I have read, it can take months to start seeing any type of ROI. Now he does offer a month free if it doesn’t work right away, but eh. I didn’t feel it was something I have the time or energy to pursue.

And along came “Rank Raptor”

Google led me to a free eBook on Rank & Rent, my first impression was that I was going to be suckered into buying something or be subjected to a “buy my sh*t* email list. But Nope. I just downloaded and read it. The book laid out a step-by-step guide to rank and rent and while it’s a bit outdated it was a great introduction to the business.

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So what in the actual F*ck is it?!

In a nutshell, Lead Generation. The idea is you build a website and bring in leads for whatever particular business niche you are targeting and then sell those leads or “rent” the website to a business in that field so they get the leads, and you make money. Does it work? I have no clue, I haven’t attempted it yet, been a bit busy producing content for you lucky souls. I did, however, reach out to the owner on Facebook.

Facebook Groups Yay?

I found the Rank Raptor Facebook Page via the eBook and joined the group. I was kind of amazed, to be honest. Most of the groups I am in are popcorn-worthy. To the point where you feel like it was so hot, you need a smoke after reading it. Not this group, everyone is happy to help.

Not once was I ever pushed or even asked to pay a dime. I was not pressured into anything at all. These folks give their knowledge and help freely, I am honored to be part of the group.

The guy who started the group also put out a video on Udemy to teach about this method and purchased it for $10 on sale, this was more for professional courtesy. He had not asked for or made a penny off of me, I felt that the least I could do was come off $10 to support what he has been doing-helping others.

I contacted the owner privately about his Udemy course and complimented him on how he managed to talk faster than I do. That is quite a talent! He seemed like an OK dude, and we chatted briefly.

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I’m a raptor-rawr

After speaking to my kids, 2 of which will be going off to college very soon. We decided that they would be working on this and I would be helping. They want “fun money” for college. With any luck, their accounts will have enough to cover basic expenses and all the fast food they are going to be eating. Sure would take a load off my chest.

I paid $200 for lifetime access to the “inner circle”. I am using most of the SEO resources provided there for this blog. The discord group is just as kind and helpful as the Facebook group. Really nice folks who just handle their sh*t without complaining about everything.

I have seen people claiming to make thousands of dollars per month, I cannot say this is true or false. I have yet to see an ROI. However, if we see some big bucks you will be the first to know.

I will give you a friendly reminder, like any business you have to come up with a plan and work hard to make the mad cash. If you’re just starting out or need a little help moving forward, check out my home business tips blog!

Do you do this for a living? Are you jumping in? Let us know in the comments and if you join the raptors, give me a shout!



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2 thoughts on “What the Heck is Rank & Rent?”

  1. Hi, so after 5 months how is it going? I also stumbled upon the Job Killing, except you’re right they don’t call it that anymore I don’t think, because I found Ippei (Dan’s student) site but there was no name for any company or course so I was super confused. After digging ,I found the name Job Killing and it’s 6000. I’ve been thinking if it’s worth it or not…. because if I can make 6 figures from it, then 6000 is definitely worth the investment. But also, I don’t have that money now, so 6000 to me is a lot right now haha. I now stumbled upon Kris Kay’s udemy course and found that RankDaddy program. How is it? I also read that the guy who started RankDaddy claims he “quit” Job Killing, but they actually kicked him out. So that’s odd…. Anyways, I think I really want to get into this lead generation, but I don’t know anything about SEO and finding businesses that even need that.

    1. Well, tbh I have done absolute jack with it. Kris Kay is a great guy, I still drop in the discord and say hey occasionally but I realized it’s just not what I want or where I want to be in life. I would definitely hook up with Kris if you need help!

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