So you want to be a blogger kid…

Well, Whoopdy de do- Sorry not sorry.

Hello, Blogger here. I would like to have a word with you about the idea of blogging for a living. There are many pros and cons to this side hustle so grab a cup of your favorite brew and listen to the crazy cat lady tell you a story.

Ok so I lied, no story but I am a crazy cat lady.

To really get going as a blogger you are going to need to find a niche. This will determine your course of action for your entire blogging career. For instance, my niche is side hustles. I fell into this niche because it is something I am passionate about. I love connecting people and giving them ideas. It’s exciting hearing stories about people starting a small hustle and turning it into millions. For me, this is a creative outlet, and if I help one human to live their bliss it’s worth it.

The next thing to consider is what do you want your blog to achieve? Does it have a purpose? What is your ultimate goal? My goal was to build an audience that wants and needs my ideas and sense of humor. I want to help people. I do not expect to make it “big” or be “rich”. In fact, if your goal for your blog is to be rolling in the dollar bills, you are going to be spending a lifetime frustrated and broke.

It’s not about you!

Another question to ask yourself is Who does it serve?  Your blog is not about you, it is about your audience. Drill that into your head, repeat it a million times until you fully understand it. The blog is about your reader, their needs, their expectations. If you aren’t giving them the content they want they won’t read it.  This is a great time to research your target audience and figure out if your niche is something that is needed in the world.

Prepare for at least 20 hours per week

How much time can you devote to developing content? Remember it’s not about you, it’s about your audience. We live in a world where everything is instant. Your audience wants instant gratification. If you aren’t providing it, they will look elsewhere. A note to remember is that developing content is not just about writing a post. It is also editing, creating graphics, and making your work stand out in the crowd.

Do you have time to market? Do you have the skills to market? This is a big drag for a lot of people. Marketing a blog to build an audience is tough. For me, It equals out to about ten to fifteen hours a week just on the marketing portion. I spend about the same creating content.

In numbers, I spend about 30 hours per week on this blog. I spend about 20 hours per week on my “side hustles”, the Card Shop and M&K Gigs. In total that is close to 50 hours per week. That is on top of my full-time job that has a real paycheck. As of this writing, I have not seen an ROI, and am paying out of pocket to keep this dream alive. I like to use the phrase “labor of love” to describe all the work I do. Without the passion I have for the project, it would crash and burn.

Getting Paid

There is the possibility of being a “brand ambassador” and getting paid to review products on your blog, I haven’t gone down that road personally as it does not fit in with my niche. I do know that you will need to have a pretty big following to even be considered for something like this, however. If you’re interested in getting your name out there to be an ambassador, I set up a category on M&K Gigs in the Affiliate Zone 🙂

Affiliate Marketing is another way you can monetize your blog, I do this on a very small scale. However, I am starting to move over to pushing out products on the card shop and M&K Gigs as I am working on building it up. I am not a huge fan of many of the products I have seen on the various networks and using a program like Adsense means you need to have a ton of traffic and a huge following. Both of which take quite a while to build.


I have also heard about people being invited to speak at seminars and on podcasts. I imagine you would need to pay for your own travel expenses so depending on the area the speaker fee would cover your food, hotel, and plane tickets. That hasn’t happened to me at this point, but hey I am open! Psst: There is a category on M&K Gigs for this too :p

Aside from Affiliate marketing, I monetized this blog with M&K Gigs. I’ll be honest here, I had a hard time charging for anything. I was really hoping to provide a free resource for everyone. However, I am also a realist, I know I need to at least try to cover my overhead.

The “magic number” according to many other bloggers to seeing any money from a monetized blog is about two years. Breaking that down, at 20 hours per week, that is 2,080 hours spent on your blog. How much it will cost to run your blog is another story entirely. I use Namecheap for domain and hosting. This keeps my costs low, however, there is still an overhead to consider.

Being a Blogger isn’t for everyone, but I sure love it!

A last-minute tip

Social Media is a time suck of epic proportions. You plan on spending an hour just getting some exposure and the next thing you know it’s 4 am and you are still staring at cat memes. Balance your time better than I have! I joined way too many groups to network with other women in business and bloggers. What happened is I got very little traffic and wasted a whole lot of time I could have been working on actual marketing for the blog.

While I love the idea of networking, there are far more productive ways to network than sitting on Facebook all day every day. Think about it this way, if people are busy living their bliss and making the money they claim to be, they are not sitting on Facebook. They are working on the hustle! Anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something.

Jenny in Neverland has a great article about mindset and hobby blogging, be sure to read it and re-read it several times while you are building your blog. We all need the reminders she gives us from time to time.

Still interested in a blogging hustle?

Awesome! You do you and drop your blog in the comments, I want to read and share, I love seeing people succeed!



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