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I asked my ten-year-old daughter what she wants to be when she grows up, her answer a “Youtube Star”. As a mother, a feminist, an independent take no sh*t mamma this is depressing, albeit a reality. In today’s world, the internet is everything. In order to survive, we need to ensure we have the technical skills to run a computer and use the world wide web.

My kids and I have done the Youtube thing gaming. When Youtube changed the rules and dropped FTC orders (and fines) on creators we promptly shut it down. We weren’t popular by any means, and certainly not making money, but a fine is not in our budget. We had a blast gaming together though so it was a cool project for all of us.

Aside from Youtube, there are some other “creator” outlets for a side hustle by sharing and selling your own content. Be that pictures or videos or anything your heart desires to put out on the internet for cash. Get creative and be a star!

Patreon is a pretty big deal for some. I did join and start a Patreon for this community, but in my opinion, it was just too much work for me to add to my already crazy schedule.  Between writing and marketing this blog, the card shop, M&K Gigs, and my real job I am already swamped and really not interested in adding more. On the flip side, for someone who really wants to create content and only shares it privately – Patreon is a great deal and simple to use.

How  Daring  Are  You?

Onlyfans is for those of you who want to produce videos and photos that seem to be more on the risque’ side of life. On the homepage, it says it’s for everyone over 18. Once I created an account, hmmm. You will need to add a credit card/bank account and sign up for a subscription in order to use the service. I decided against that, even to take part in the referral program. I would rather not pay them to get paid. It seems a little a$$ backward to send them my traffic and pay them to do it, Nah – I’m good.

If you want to take a walk down the “Adult work” lane, there are plenty of other sites that are out there. If you are a displaced Sex worker please email me privately and I can point you in the right direction. Don’t worry my email like my home is Judgment free.



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