Aluminum Foil Oven?!

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With Thanksgiving came a much-deserved break! I had a paid holiday and took off the next day but of course, rest and relaxation are never for moms.

We do not have a traditional oven in our home, instead, we have this thing that has 7 different options to bake, air fry, etc.  I hate it. I attempted to make things for our feast and the electricity went out about 10 times. The mashed potatoes got messed up and I felt like crying. So after everyone left and we cleaned up, I did what everyone does and hit amazon to see if there was something I could use to bake that won’t completely screw up my hard work.

What I found was this Omnia Oven.  No lie I was drooling over it. However, another $70 purchase is just not in my budget. It’s hard out there for a hustler! So I got to thinking, and as they say, necessity is the mother of all inventions, I put together a makeshift oven with 2 aluminum roasting pans, and viola I had a tool to bake that cost me a whole $4.

Sadly I haven’t perfected it, but I have been documenting my experiments on TikTok and I am really hoping that I can make some real food in it soon!

For the Makeshift Oven:

2 Roasting pans

1 Electric Roaster or Stovetop

Cut holes in one of the pans on the bottom to let air flow. Put whatever you are baking on a tray and into the pan with holes. Put the other pan on top and either put it on your stovetop or into your roaster.

Once I perfect this, I am going to try baking in the slow cooker so stay tuned!

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