Work Work

Most of my work has been scattered through the world wide web. However, I have been attempting to collect the various links to the content I’ve created.  For legal purposes, all content is under the MKultra Marketing Services LLC umbrella and intellectual property of Mandie Cleary. You can share any and all work free, if you would like to use it for commercial purposes please give proper credit and contact me.

Most Current work (2021)

This Blog & Brand: Mandie of all Trades

M&K Gigs Brand A gig site for Starving Artists

Mindset cards currently available for adults and children

Condom Containers & Other fun Box/Card/Cool Designs

Working on the Medium Series where I am writing about WoW from start to finish since the level squish.

Coming Soon(ish)

Podcast- I am slowly putting this together-Some Day :p

Youtube Channel for Mandie of all Trades & MK Gigs- It is in the works, slowly but surely coming together

The Odyssey articles

Violent acts against transgender people continue to climb

Discrimination in Hiring Practices

Alternatives to College

*Just in case your wondering, yes I have a “real job” too, I call it my “starving artist” job :p*