Queen of Side Hustles


Mandie of all Trades is the brainchild of Mandie Cleary owner of M&K Ultra Marketing Services LLC and is a DBA of M&K Ultra Marketing Services LLC.

Now that the legalese is out of the way (maybe?), this site and hustle are to bring humor into all the epic effing fails that many who work from home have gone through. As well as to celebrate the ones who made it on the craziest effing idea ever!

As you will notice, I do say that some are satire. In these instances, I am either writing up some crazy idea I came up with or the story isn’t verified. I will do everything I can to verify the story, some may remain an urban myth.

I cannot take all the credit for this idea so this site is dedicated to my dear friend J, who I have dubbed as the catalyst of chaos, and my sister E, who once called me the Jill of all trades.  Also, a big shout-out to the benefactor of all the fortunes I have not yet made my husband K. He has continued to support me through all of the ups and downs of being a work at home mom.

As a self-proclaimed side-hustle queen, I have tried many of these myself. You can find a direct link to the post on the gigs I have tried on the Creating Chaos & Manifesting Money post. I have yet to write about all of them, as that is an undertaking of epic proportions!

My current side hustle is the Esty Shop. It’s very new so drop on over and check out my wares!

I also run the Traffic Tribe to help others get engagement on Social Media. This was an idea that evolved as I saw a need for it. Most groups and communities that provide this service are spammy or full of drama. As I tell my teens “not worth the headspace”.

Finally, as I wrote in the post about blogging, this is a labor of love. I hope you enjoy reading about them as I do writing about them.

To your success,

Mandie Cleary