Traffic Tribe! Quality, Engaged Traffic for Everyone!

Getting traffic to your product, service, site, or blog is a pain in the rear end.

Having taken part in a bunch of communities that wanted me to run scripts from my laptop, put banners on my blog, or just didn’t make any sense. I wanted to do something a bit different. I wanted to create a community that was easy to manage and everyone got the opportunity to get the same amount of traffic without logging in or out, hanging out on Facebook or downloading a bunch of Apps.

Hence the Traffic Tribe was born.

Here’s the Problem

Every day a slew of new online marketers find their way into the industry. Whether that be they are starting a new business, giving affiliate marketing a shot, learning the ropes to start a new business or even a small business fighting for leads in the big sea of the internet.

They take courses, they try all the “latest and greatest” techniques but at the end of the week they end up with a bank account in the red because nobody is buying! What is missing? What did they do wrong? Nothing.

They did everything “right” but what they didn’t know was in order to stand out in a crowd, you need engagement. If posts aren’t getting likes/clicks or interaction, the algorithm puts it way at the bottom of the barrel. There is a chance that not a single person will even see it in their own newsfeed.

Frustrating, Belive me, I know.

Super Mandie to save the day!

The traffic tribe changes that for new and experienced marketers alike. Each person in the tribe is committed to interacting with posts, commenting and helping to build each other up. It is a super simple process for everyone involved.

Once per week, you send the links you want to promote, I add them into the workflow.  Each day you will get an email from the group that will include all links with directions. (IE repin, comment, etc). 

Everyone follows the prompts for the day engaging with fellow tribemates. This builds engagement and the Social Media Gods will smile upon you, allowing your posts to gain further traction.

It is very little work for all involved, you open an email. Click/Save leave a comment on all of your tribemates stuff and you’re done. It is truly a no brainer that will bring you immediate and residual results.

The best part of this is that every new member who joins goes through the same process. So you can still get traffic months later from the new tribe members!

What type of business is this good for?

Any type of business that requires an online presence can benefit. A shortlist would be Affiliate Marketers, Social Media Marketers, BitCoin Traders, Bloggers, Advertisers, Course Creators, Life and Health Coaches, Crafters who sell online, Even someone who has a Facebook page for beer money sites can benefit.

How Much is this going to cost me?

Due to the COVID-19 Outbreak, The traffic Tribe is FREE for all small business owners. We need to support each other through this world crisis!

Waiting Room

There is a limit to how many new members are accepted into the tribe each month. New tribe members are brought in on a first-come, first-serve basis. You may have to wait until a spot opens up in order to start marketing your links to the tribe.

 Get in the Queue Now!